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We live, eat and sleep internet marketing here at DMA because that is, in the long run, what we really do here.

We know what makes real customers respond...and come back. It's really all about trust. There are no hard rules about how you get it and how you keep it, but you must do both well.

What we have and understand and believe in is a full and complete package. A combination of actions that together have a value greater than the sum of their individual parts.

Most seo services are short term, hard hitting operations. Sometimes that works. Sometimes it even works long term, but not usually. We believe in designing a package of actions that will rank and sustain a website over the long run. We always assess the risks clients are willing to take, but stop short of 'grey areas'. Lots of others will sell you that if you think you need it, and more...we won't.

In many cases we find it's what you don't do in marketing that really has to be understood. Just about every service we offer can be found elsewhere on the web. The trick is not doing everything, but knowing which ones combine for the correct package for your specific needs and goals. It must look natural, it must be natural. If at all possible, do it right, step by step, the first time.

There's not much point in building stuff that's not up to date and compliant with current standards, both ergonomically and technically, and we are serious about doing the basics right. We will sell you the complicated stuff, but not unless you understand why you need it, assuming you really do. We offer support for all of our services.

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